​​Do you want to get healthier and look and feel better? Have you been unsuccessful in the past or unable to maintain the progress you made? Are you unsure where to even start? Maybe you've had chronic pain or injuries that prevent you from trying or make you fearful of starting now...

​If any of those describe you and you are unable to personally train with me, ONLINE TRAINING​ will help YOU​ achieve your goals because the training is built for YOU!​ This isn't the latest fad that guarantees the same amazing results to millions of VERY DIFFERENT, UNIQUE people who are desperate enough to invest in their empty promises. This isn't a "cookie-cutter" or unrealistic training regimen that only an Olympian could follow.

​This is a personalized program for "real-life" people. Are you a mom with only 20-30min available to workout a few times a week? I can help.

Are you a dad that needs a simple, effective program to improve your health and fitness without taking away family time? I can help.

​Do you need a training program with minimal/zero equipment?

​Do you have access to a great gym but don't know how to use it?

​I've helped people like those listed above, and more, over the last five and a half years, and I'm looking to have an even greater impact in even more lives.

​Included in your Online Personal Training package is:

​1. Personalized programming

​2. Nutritional guidance and education

​3. Private Facebook group for community, accountability, and privileged information

​4. Weekly email interactions to make adjustments and provide consistent results

5. All of this and much more!

​My personal training clients pay at least $650/month for these benefits. I've been counseled to charge $200/month​ for this service. But, for now, I've decided to charge ​$75/month!

​So, please give me the honor and privilege of being your Online Personal Trainer and I promise to over-deliver results!