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MY ELITE ATHLETE is dedicated to helping our youth succeed. But this success is not limited to winning games or championships. 

For me, I succeed by nurturing and developing my athletes' confidence in themselves on AND OFF the field, by reducing their risk of injury, by improving their movement quality to increase their quality of life, by helping develop their character through teaching and embodying humility, a strong work-ethic, and leadership traits, and by empowering athletes to continue to pursue success as their lives mold and grow over time.

I'm only able to do those things because God gave me a personality that connects well with my athletes. We develop a bond and a level of trust that lays the foundation for those aspects of success to be built upon.

My passion is to lead my athletes to their goals and beyond with training programs specific to their needs. At MY ELITE ATHLETE I include parents in everything pertaining to my training and the "extra", commonly overlooked or unknown things the athlete needs in and outside the gym (RPR Wake Up Drills, soft-tissue mobilization, nutrition, breath training, mental and relaxation training, and more).

I pride myself in the education I have earned and continue to earn by reading from the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world that have more wisdom and experience than me and are gracious enough to share their expertise regarding the most effective training protocols.

I started as an athlete, graduated from Texas State University with an Exercise and Sport Science degree, obtained my NASM certification in 2012, became Onnit Steel Mace Specialist Certified in 2016, earned my Certified Speed and Agility Coach credentials via the NSPA in August 2017, became a certified Reflexive Performance Reset Pro Level 2 Coach in October 2017, and have spent the last ten years reading books and articles from the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

I also have learned from my countless, personal mistakes and injuries which improved my ability to safely coach others and allows me to empathize with my athletes as they deal with the ups and downs of sport and life. These mistakes actually led to much of my continuing education, because I always wanted to discover what I did wrong, so I could prevent putting myself through those trials again. This process discovery now helps me do what I can to prevent OTHERS from making my mistakes.

All of this, along with my humble approach to training, is what sets me apart. If I do not have the answer to a question or need I will research it and ask the top strength coaches in the nation in my coaching group to ensure my athletes get what they need and to help me become better informed and continually provide a better service. All of this combines to create the foundation for my pursuits as a performance coach and mentor.

-Josh Hiller