Strength, power, and Speed Training testimonials


Daughter preparing for 12th grade softball, powerlifting, and select ball.

Let me answer you directly that yes, her results outweighed cost by a landslide. Her confidence as an athlete was kicked up several notches and her confidence in herself in general went up with it. She loved looking in the mirror and sending old pictures that showed her progress. I believe in your program and will support you in any way I can, sir.

You also taught her how to take care of her body after workouts as well as helped her develop better eating habits to help her eat normal but to watch her portions. That made all the difference to her and we do appreciate all you did for her. She has decided to attend Texas State and pass on her softball scholarship. She decided she wanted to be close to family and stay close to her true support as she takes these next steps in her life.

Gabby's pre and post testing:

Broad Jump- 58.5in up to 68.5in.

Triple Broad Jump- 184.5in up to 195.25

20 yard dash- 3.73s down to 3.6s


Son preparing for 9th grade football, baseball, and select ball.

Hello, my name is Thomas and my son, Daniel, trained with My Elite Athlete and saw a great improvement and results. When we first came to My Elite Athlete our goal was to get faster and stronger. Within weeks Daniel started to see gains and changes to his physique, speed, and strength.

I've always told Daniel, "I will give you the tools to succeed. I just need you to give 100% determination and commitment." My Elite Athlete made it easy and fun for Daniel to accomplish this. The value and results outweigh the already great cost!

I have referred friends and student athletes. As a player development scout for FBU (Football University), I have made My Elite Athlete and Phoenix Fitness my go-to gym for training for my elite athletes that want that edge, that step-above in training.

My Elite Athlete cares about the athlete, it's not just a business. Josh treats his clients like friends and family. He shows support by attending competitions, games, and events of all kinds. He really cares about the wellbeing of his student athletes.

Daniel's pre and post testing:

Upper-body throw- 200in. up to 220in.

Pro agility (5-10-5)-5.53s down to 4.96s

Rene and Carol Pinales:

Son preparing for 12th grade football.

My son Zach trained with My Elite Athlete the summer before his senior year in high school.  I worried about my son getting injured playing football his senior year because he has always been very thin and I wanted him to gain weight and muscle so I started asking around about personal trainers.  My best friend recommended Josh because she had recently started training with him and said he was interested in group personal training for athletes in San Marcos.

My husband and I really liked the one on one attention our son received.  Josh kept the training fresh and tried different things so it was never boring.  He kept our son interested with the speed training and strength training workouts which caused him to want to go back each time.  We noticed changes in our son after about 1-2 weeks.  He was starting to gain weight and muscle from the strength training program and his confidence in himself had increased.  When football season started we began to see his performance on the field had also changed.  He was faster and stronger and his love for the game increased.  We also began to see our son eating better, drinking more water and taking better care of himself especially before and after games.  Our son not only got stronger physically but mentallyJosh not only keeps his athlete’s motivated with weight training but he also is a great mentor. My son Zach had a great football season his senior year, injury free, he won defensive MVP, and we are so grateful to Josh and highly recommend My Elite Athlete for anyone that is interested in strength and conditioning training.  The results our son received clearly outweigh the money we invested in his training with My Elite Athlete.

Zach's pre and post testing:

Upper-body throw-307in. up to 350in.

Broad Jump- 8ft 5.5in. up to 8ft 7.375in.

40 yard dash- 5.12s down to 4.83


Preparing for 10th grade football.

Josh, I want to thank you for helping me out this summer and getting me ready to play football. You helped me get stronger and quicker. The discipline and structure has helped me on and off the field. I am looking forward to working with you soon on a new program. Thanks for all your help. -Noah

Pre and post testing:

Upper-body throw- 196in. up to 250in.

Broad Jump- 79in. up to 80.75in.

40 yard dash- 6.8s down to 5.9s


Daughter preparing for 7th grade multi-sport and select ball.

When my daughter first visited Josh at My Elite Athlete it was to build strength to recover from an injury. Josh not only helped her regain the lost strength but helped her build a stronger athletic base. She stayed motivated and continued to push herself to the max because of the plan Josh put together allowed her to see noticeable gains from session to session and because My Elite Athlete provided a non-intimidating environment. She is looking forward to the upcoming offseason so she can push herself to another level.


Son preparing for 9th grade basketball, baseball, and select ball.

My son Richard trained with My Elite Athlete over the summer and I saw much improvement in his vertical, speed, and his overall body strength. He plays basketball and baseball and all the work he put in with Josh over the summer showed in his endurance, he was not fatigued at the end of basketball games and in baseball he only used to be able to pitch two innings, now he can go six innings. The value of what my son received outweighed the monetary cost. I would greatly recommend anyone to go to My Elite Athlete. We are very pleased with results we are getting.

Richard's pre and post testing:

Upper-body throw- 244in. up to 271in.

Broad Jump- 86.75in. up to93in.

Triple Broad Jump- 257.75in. up to 292.5in.

20 Yard dash- 3.3s down to 3.12

Pro Agility (5-10-5)- 5.46s down to 4.71s


Son preparing for 12th grade football and powerlifting.

My son Ramsey is training with My Elite Athlete and I have seen some amazing  results with his confidence, performance, and his strength.

-I was worried about the cost, and figured I would allow him to try it and see.  I'm so glad I made this decision to allow my son to train with Josh.  It has been well worth the money to see the change my son has

I would recommend this to any parent.  It's worth seeing the change in your son or daughter.


Daughter preparing for 7th grade volleyball.

My daughter, Julia, trained with My Elite Athlete-Josh Hiller over the summer and the results were amazing! Josh taught her the proper techniques on lifting weights for strength, sprints and jumps for agility, and most importantly made her an overall better athlete. She strived her first year in 7th grade athletics and made one of the top select volleyball team in Austin. She will be attending Josh's summer program this May to continue her training. The benefits of having an athlete in this program that teaches them to work hard, to become self-discipline, and to never give up is worth the monetary investment. Thank you Josh for not only working with our kids in the gym, but for supporting them at their sporting events!

Julia's pre and post testing:

Upper-body throw- 137in. up to 165in.

Broad jum- 65.5in up to 70.25in.


Son training for 9th grade baseball and select ball.

My son trained with My Elite Athlete. He became stronger, faster, and more confident with his performance. The setting and workout environment was a positive experience, and we look forward to training again with the program. I encourage anyone who has an athlete to train with Josh.